Walk through the gastronomy of the network: refreshing recipes with the best summer fruit

Each season of the year has its advantages, and gastronomically speaking the market gives us delights that we must take advantage of at its best. As the walk through the gastronomy of today's network, summer fruit alone is a great source of inspiration to fill our table with colors and vitamins.

Those of us who are very fruitful have the "problem" of facing the hard decision of choosing one or another variety of fruit at this time. Today, in addition, the seasons lengthen and almost overlap all at the same time. If you do not supply to empty the fruit bowl, you can encourage them to prepare some of the sweet and savory recipes with fruit We found these days on the net.

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Salty (and refreshing) fruit recipes

Cold Avocado and Cucumber Soup from The Winter Guest

Before entering fully into the field that seems more obvious when we talk about fruit, sweet, we have some very appetizing salty recipes. We start with Miriam's cold avocado and cucumber soup in The winter guest, who tells us that he was looking for a refreshing spoon beyond the salmorejo and gazpacho, and he found the key. We attest that it is a delicious combination of ingredients.

We go to the field of salads, inevitable in these hot weeks. In the corner of Mayte in the kitchen we found a very light turkey and pineapple recipe with yogurt sauce, and in Enjoying in the kitchen We have another salad with a tropical touch with the recipe of mango and cucumber noodles, also very easy and with few calories.

Turkey and pineapple salad with Mayte yogurt sauce in the kitchen

Since not everything has to be cold recipes, in Healthy forkful A tasty pan-fried chicken with apricots, with many vegetables and the rich touch of feta cheese awaits us, which I intuit would be great with a couscous garnish. And for dinner or an excursion, we have the Manchego cheese sandwich with cucumber and apple Sonia L'Exquisit.

Sweet recipes with fruit of all colors

Pride smoothies by La Dolce Gula

Now, there is the delight of sweet tooth with many proposals for sweet recipes full of fruit. And we start with the colorful milkshake parade that Mery from La Dolge Gula He prepared on the occasion of Pride Day, the colorful pride smoothies that look great all together, each one just as appealing as his companions.

Dolors in his Cuina's blog It shows us again how easy it is to set up a luxury dessert without having to go through heat, with its Piñana peach ingot without an oven. And although for this recipe we will have to turn on the appliance, we will appreciate it when for breakfast we have the rich blackberry muffins with streusel Crumbs on the table.

Integral blackberry muffins with Migas streusel on the table

But the queen of desserts with summer fruit seems to be, without a doubt, cherry. There are options for all tastes, starting with very easy recipes such as the infallible clafoutis of pillory I'm made a kitchenette or cold cherry cream with crispy topping of My sweet temptation.

Very appealing is also the original tiramisu with cherries from Cooking among olive trees, ideal for a celebration with guests, or the refreshing half-cherry cherries of Caught in my kitchen, which adapts precisely our recipe from a few summers ago. It is an easy dessert that admits many other fruits, although some have cherries that stand out much more with the creaminess of cream and frozen yogurt.

Tiramisu with cherries Cooking among olive trees

Speaking of frozen, we end with two proposals of very fruit ice cream. The melon popsicles with lollipops Piloncillo & Vanilla they only need two ingredients and no added sugar, while Montes de Cinnamon apple tempts us with a fabulous black forest ice cream without a refrigerator.

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There is nothing like having the fruit bowl or the well-stocked fridge with seasonal fruits when the heat squeezes and you don't fancy heavy stuff, but it is also worth cooking with it. We still have a lot of summer ahead and surely more delicious ideas await us in our Walk around the cuisine of the network; We will be back next week!

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