Salmon, mango and avocado temaki recipe

Under the generic name of sushi different varieties of this Japanese specialty are collected that can present very different ingredients and forms. The temaki They are a great way to enjoy Japanese cuisine, simple and colorful. The recipe we bring you today from Salmon, mango and avocado temaki It will delight both lovers of sushi and those who face this cuisine for the first time.

A temaki is a nori seaweed cone of remarkable size that is rolled up with the ingredients inside. We can serve the ready-made temaki or arrange the ingredients on the table so that each diner rolls up his cone personally, making the evening more fun. He Sundãri Sushi rice it provides us again with the perfect base to create some delicious temaki, which this time we will fill with an irresistible fruity touch.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • For the temaki: 150 g of Sundari Sushi rice, 10 ml of rice vinegar, 10 ml of mirin, 8 g of sugar, 4 g of salt, 180 ml of water.

  • For the filling and accompaniment: 1 ripe mango, 1 ripe avocado, 4 nori leaves, 250 g of sushi salmon, soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger.

How to make salmon, mango and avocado temaki

Wash the Sundãri Sushi rice with cold water several times to remove the starch. Enter it in a casserole with 360 ml of water and cover it trying not to let the steam out of nowhere. Use a Japanese cooker if you have it. Set the heat to full power until it boils and then leave it at a minimum for 10 minutes. When ready, turn it off and let it sit for another 10 minutes.

Mix sugar, salt, mirin and rice vinegar in a bowl. Add it to Sundãri Sushi rice until everything is homogeneously united. When you have it, stretch it on a tray or fountain, or on a hanguiri if you have it, and air it using a fan or the traditional uchiwa.

Cut avocado, peeled mango and salmon into thin sticks. Now that we have all the ingredients ready, let's make the temaki. For it, Cut each sheet of nori seaweed in half, make a cone and fill it with Sundãri Sushi rice and the other ingredients. When serving, accompany the temaki with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger.

Processing time 30 minutes Difficulty | Easy


These Salmon, mango and avocado temaki, besides being delicious, they are an oriental snack of the most complete. We can taste them as a light lunch or as part of a dinner with friends or family, along with other sushi recipes that we want. We can also serve them unmounted so that each diner makes his own temaki on the fly, so dinner will be a more fun experience.

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