Food banks need help

Not long ago our partner Minue explained to us how food banks work and the important social work they do with the help of volunteers and donations received. At present, and due to the crisis that the country is going through, the demand is so great that right now there is hardly any food stock in their stores, so food banks need our help.

These organizations that exist in each community are nonprofit based on volunteering and whose objective is to recover food surpluses from our society and redistribute them among people in need, avoiding any waste or misuse. Right now and since Friday there is a new campaign to collect non-perishable food. In principle the collection was planned only for this weekend, but it has been extended, given the great need, a whole week.

In many supermarkets and large stores you can find staff with vests and badges from these organizations to which you can donate all kinds of food. It is preferable that they are staple foods such as legumes, pasta, cans ... that are not perishable and have a long expiration date, but also specific infant feeding products are very necessary as powdered milks or pots, which are of higher price and from which very few donated units are received.

Right now food banks need all possible help, so spread this message to all your acquaintances, and as far as you can, donate food. You cannot consent that there are now more than two million children in Spain going hungry. Neither this, nor many other things, but that is another issue.

Video: Sumter charity asking for help to stock food bank (February 2020).