Have you already started with christmas presents shopping? the question of the week

Today we have to say goodbye to the month of November, and since we are also on Friday, we are launching a new question of the week. Now that we have to take out the December calendars we can no longer deny that Christmas is in the environment, as advertisers, the media and shops don't get tired of reminding us. There are few weeks left and surely many are already thinking about menus and recipes. But what I wonder is if you are also cautious and have begun to prepare the pantry for these holidays.

Have you already started with christmas presents shopping?

At the beginning of the month we were commenting on how it seems that the arrival of typical Christmas products to stores is getting more and more advanced, and it seems that in general no one likes this practice. However, having Christmas Eve just around the corner, the most promising have already begun to acquire ingredients and products for their celebrations. It is recommended to advance purchases to save a little, but in the end many we leave the final details for the last minute. As always, we remind you that you can participate by leaving your contributions in the section Direct to the Palate Answers, and not in the comments of this post.

Last week's question: What do you think of the fashion of imitating foreign culinary traditions?

In the previous question I presented your opinion on the apparent new fashion to imitate culinary traditions of other countries and cultures. Last week the Thanksgiving party was celebrated in the United States, with its typical dinner well-known for film and television. Every year it seems that more restaurants, shops and people of all kinds are encouraged to imitate their customs, although many others criticize this practice and defend their own culture. The most voted comment was that of cabordelu, who very sensibly told us:

I think it has nothing wrong, as long as it does not imply that we fall into the bad habits of globalization and forget our own delicious national dishes. The gastronomy of the world is very rich and varied, and adapting foreign culinary traditions always makes the cooking routine more interesting and fun, as well as helping us to open our minds a little, don't you think?

Tomorrow we will welcome the month of December with which we have to say goodbye this year, so it will be one of my colleagues who will take over in this section of the week's question. I hope that Do not miss the appointment to comment your answers and get the most voted opinion From today's question, we would greatly appreciate your participation.

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