Pure State at the NH Palacio de Tepa

Last week we were invited to a group of bloggers to eat at the recently opened Pure State of Paco Roncero at the NH Palacio de Tepa Hotel, in a meal paired with the Perrier-Jouët champagne, which this year are celebrating their 200th anniversary.

Going to this second Pure State means meeting the hallmarks of the first. A very Flemish approach to the site with the ceiling combs and the hundreds of flamenco dolls dressed in red (and one of yellow to look for) that fulfill the mission of making the sight happy as you eat.

The place is characterized by being quite elongated and with a large bar of 14 meters to cover. In the background there are 10 tables complemented by a large terrace in the Plaza del Ángel. Although during the meal we shared with Paco Roncero he confessed that the "next Pure State" will not do so with so much bar. It is seen that people like to tape sitting.

Perrier-Jouët paired with tapas

The champagne we tried were two, specifically Gand Brut and Blason Rosé. The first is a very fine champagne, made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with second fermentation in the bottle and aging for three years. I must admit that I am not very champagne (or dig) but when I can try a good one I give up in the first second. I really liked the breadth of fresh flavors that it gave me.


Rosé is a very fashionable champagne. I refer to the fact of pink champagne, many do not go beyond being a mere champagne without their own personality, but in this case it combined very well with food since it brings some more complexity in the flavors, or at least flavors that we can relate more With a drink to drink during the meal. Although, the truth is that either was great.

In the end we come to some conclusions about it. The first is that it is a good option to pair an excellent champagne like this with some delicious tapas like those of Pure State, I imagine that with other good tapas, by a simple three rule, too. The second is that the Grand Brut is great for the start of a meal, clean your mouth perfectly. And the third that Rosé is a good company for the rest of the meal.

The covers of Pure State 2

On the covers of Pure State of the Tepa Palace To say that in this case although there are tapas that are the same as those of the first Pure State, we can see new tapas that aspire to be more than just tapas and not as much as a dish. Maybe there lies the idea of ​​roast chickens and Gin & Tonics that you can taste, or other dishes we tried.

We start with a Salmorejo, which as I say can be perfectly a salmorejo to share since it does not come in cover format or format for one if you want to eat more things.

Soon they brought some tapas where what predominated was the way of being "cooked". And if not what some tell you anchovies in vinegar, some razors that seemed to be pickled (the same not) and some cockles. Oh well and you have to add one gilda very good.

And the queens of potatoes as far as tapas are concerned, are the Bravas and the aioli. You know the braves of my visit to the first Pure State and on this occasion I present the aioli. We could also enjoy the breaded tapas, tiger mussels, potato bombs and hake croquettes.

Really telling you everything we tried can take a long time, I even lost count at a certain time during the meal. Perhaps the "tapa" which is rather a ration to share, was a rice band.

And of course in the end with the meat came some chuletillas, a very good foie burger and the king of the house, the grilled chicken. This chicken is the truth that is an act of vindication of the simple things that seem to have all the "modern" restaurants of today. I love.

Of course, there were desserts, amazing the marc cream, some cocktail and lots of conversation. But that is other stories.

Pure State Tepa Palace

Hotel NH Palacio de Tepa C / San Sebastián 2 Hotel telephone 91 389 64 90