Eat in Segovia. Candido Inn

Talk about eat in Segovia, is to talk about eating in the Candido Inn. A classic among the classics, which we visited last weekend. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that next December 6, the 25th anniversary of its declaration as a World Heritage City is celebrated in Segovia, a series of Segovian restaurants have prepared a gastronomic menu at a closed price, which you can enjoy until December 31. Here you can see the restaurants included and their proposals.

There are 16 restaurants, which have among their gastronomic offers a special commemorative menu, at the special price of 25 euros per person, also including wine and coffee. An excellent apology to visit this Castilian city.

The entrance to Candido Inn, transports you to 1886, the year of its inauguration. The decoration, the setting of the place as a Spanish inn, is completely classic. This same classicism extends to his way of understanding the cuisine, classic, traditional, without major innovations, staying in a way of cooking, that works, that does not require changes.

The dishes included in this Anniversary Menu are an entree: Cheese tasting from Castilla y León, well stocked, and accompanied by well-cooked quince meat, which we enjoy with a good loaf of Castilian bread. Follow one Guijuelo ham lasagna and seasonal vegetables, with much more vegetables than ham, but that surprises us with its presentation that seems innovative in a place as classic as Cándido.

Finally the piglet arrives. In addition, we arrive with all the paraphernalia of rations cut made with a plate, demonstrating that it is perfectly roasted. He son of Cándido, continues with the tradition that his father began in 1905, and performs the ceremony of the cut, with reading of his Royal authorization, and ending with his desire for good profit, by breaking the plate with which he makes the cut, throwing it against the ground .

The piglet in the style of Cándido, left us delighted. I was as expected, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and with the perfect knitted meat. A success to have come, we all comment. Eager to finish off the excellent tasting we were doing, we get dessert, a caramelized milk French toast, prepared without frying, in which the sugar is caramelized above, which they serve accompanied by chocolate ice cream. It was really good, although to my liking, they should have used a not so tall bread, so that it soaks better the inside of the vanilla milk.

The whole dinner was accompanied by young wine from Ribera del Duero and mineral water. In addition, I must admit that they were generous in terms of the number of bottles, without skimping when replacing them. The coffee, right, was also included in the tasting price. In summary, a menu that satisfied us for its variety, excellent price, and that counting on the suckling pig from Cándido, which was really at its point, is a safe bet.

Candido Inn

Azoguejo Square, 5 Segovia
Tel. 921 425 911
Price per person 25 euros

Video: Restaurant Meson de Candido - Segovia, Spain (February 2020).