Eat healthy on the palate (LXIV): the light menu of the month

To start saying goodbye to winter, we all seek to achieve a lighter and healthier eating That helps us get fit. Therefore, we leave our menu as every month with recipes included that each one can adapt to their particularities.

The best healthiest light menu to say goodbye to winter

To travel the last days of the coldest season of the year and gradually approaching the spring in which many already have their eyes on the summer, today we leave a menu As always, we recommend adapt to the needs, objectives, preferences and possibilities of each.

In this particular case, we seek to use seasonal foods, fresh first and foremost to achieve warm but light, satiating and nutritious preparations at the same time.

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The options for breakfast or snack

While neither breakfast nor snack are essential meals, many of us are accustomed to their realization and to maintain a healthy diet, these alternatives They can be of great help:

  • Tea or coffee with pepper salad salads with cheese and a fresh fruit of your choice.
  • Glass of milk with toasted rye soda bread with yogurt and raisins, with olive oil and tomato.
  • Tea or coffee with ginger fitness cookies and a fresh fruit.

  • Bowl of plain yogurt (without sugar) with oat flakes, sliced ​​bananas and syrup or date cream as a sweetener.
  • Couscous with milk and fruits.
  • Glass of milk with portion of baked oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries and almonds.
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If we wish we can choose an option and repeat it every day or if we want more variety we suggest changing the preparations in each breakfast or snack.

As we said before, we recommend adapt the size of the portions or modify recipes according to the particularities of each consumer or family.

Healthy main course alternatives

For the Main meals of each day of the week except the Sunday in which we leave at your discretion the choice of the menu, we leave the following proposals:

  • Monday: at noon we recommend a quinoa and lobster salad with lime vinaigrette that is ideal to share or take away from tupper. For dinner the suggestion is a serving of lime chicken breast with Japanese spices and fresh vegetable salad.

  • Tuesday: we propose for the meal a portion of baked sea bass with cider root vegetables and for dinner some eggplants stuffed with bulgur and smoked cheese San Simón da Costa.
  • Wednesday: We recommend for lunch a portion of quinoa and cauliflower burger with turmeric that we can accompany with fresh vegetables or roasted pumpkin, while the proposal for dinner is a ration of veal in oyster sauce with rice or whole-wheat couscous.
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  • Thursday: for the meal we suggest a ration of baked chickpeas in the Greek style that we can accompany with some cooked potatoes and for dinner, monkfish skewers and tomatoes.
  • Friday: The proposal for noon is a serving of green chicken curry lasagna and for the evening meal, an Egyptian red lentil soup.

  • Saturday: For lunch we recommend a portion of cod with fresh peas with cider pod sauce, while for dinner the suggestion is a portion of grilled steak with potatoes and tomatoes.

Here we can also change the ingredients of the recipes for others of our liking or available at home, as well as we can replace a suggested dish for another day without inconvenience.

The Sunday we leave at your discretion the choice of the menu because it is a day when the routine changes significantly.

And of course, we recommend using this menu as a basis for plan your own light and nutritious menu at home.

Tips to complete the light menu of the month

To make solving everyday meals easier, we always advise organization and plan in advance the menu that we will carry out, making the purchase accordingly.

However, to make its implementation easier, we advise minimize ultraprocessed intake.

For this, it will be very useful not to have available at home (within our reach) frozen food or supermarket ready-to-eat dishes and on the contrary, have homemade dishes prepared in advance in the freezer.

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We can also have frozen vegetables, canned fish or legumes and others that help us solve meals easily no need to go to fast food or frozen dishes from the supermarket, that is, to help us get away from the ultraprocessed.

These highly industrialized products may contain addictive substances that encourage us to eat more, hindering the achievement of a healthier and lighter diet. Therefore, we recommend reducing your presence in our day to day.