Los Manueles Restaurant. Gastronomic tourism in Granada

For many years I have lived in the center of Granada, on Calle Navas, tapas street. Well, the best croquettes they put them in The Manueles. Los Manueles reigned as a prestigious tavern in front of the town hall since 1917. It was a beautiful, old place, with barrels and lots of wood everywhere, with a unique kitchen and a constant torrent of regular visitors to your kitchen.

4 years ago Los Manueles moved to a larger and more modern place in New Square. Little by little, the chefs of a lifetime in Los Manueles retired, so that the only member of such a mythical establishment that leads the business is Paco Espinar. A very talented young man who was 25 years ago in the old The Manueles.

Paco proudly tells me where he came from, talks about what his teachers were, his classmates who have been left behind and confesses to me what his claims are. Granada has a much deserved reputation for "malafollá" as it is called here. Not only by the regents of the premises, let's start with the clientele. In Granada there is a very well-populated population sector that populate bars daily, this is the custom, and that, it seems, goes by right. Please or thank you in many cases shines for your absence.

Well Paco, as more and more winemakers, have the firm purpose of put an end to this bad reputationmaking prime education, charm and respect. In Nuevo Los Manueles it is a goal achieved. Starting with Paco Espinar himself, he can't be more friendly and pleasant, following each and every one of his team members and, of course, everything sticks, the clientele. Conclusion a lovely atmosphere.

Let's talk about the kitchen of Los Manueles. The new place consists of a ground floor with a large bar and plenty of space for tapas, high tables, etc. and an upper floor equipped as a dining room. An elegant and comfortable decoration, two large windows that let the sun in gives you a very cozy atmosphere.

Its menu is quite complex and basically distinguishes three options to raise food. Based on appetizers as succulent as corns, brains, criadillas, Sacromonte omelette, carpachos, their typical croquettes or their meatballs, pate, sausages, a spectacular garlic lamb, etc. Another option is to opt for the tasting menu, consisting of 5 dishes, coffee and wine at a price of € 37'00. Or the classic menu formed by a wide range of firsts, meats, fish, etc. Among their specialties they have a succulent bull's tail. Not forgetting that the tapas in this restaurant are very good, the tapas, based on the traditional cuisine that has made Los Manueles famous, are cooked with pleasure, well presented and abundant.

As for their wine list, they have 50 references between reds, reserves, white and pink. How could it be otherwise El Nuevo Los Manueles has recently been awarded the Prize for Tourist Prestige of Granada.

A good example to follow the work of Paco Espinar, respectful and faithful to the traditional line that has formed it, and yet with the strength of youth and the maturity of the experience, which lead it to improve and innovate day by day

Los Manueles Restaurant
Catholic Monarchs, 52
18002 Granada
958 22 46 31

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