La Garoinada 2009 in Palafrugell

One more year around this time, well into winter, when the sea water temperature touches its lowest levels, comes the time when sea urchins reach their fullness.

And with them comes the Garoinada 2009 in Palafrugell (Girona).

True, as of Saturday January 16 - and until March 15 -, you can already taste this gastronomic specialty in the restaurants of the area that participate in the campaign.

The "Garoina" or "Garota" It's what they call the sea urchin in the area.

And the Garoinada it is, neither more nor less, than the tasting of these precious echinoids: a gastronomic practice very typical of the Empordà seafaring populations.

But not only hedgehogs live the man. The Garoinada consists of a menu with the essential hedgehogs of entree - crudes and with a little bread with butter -, plus a second dish that can vary according to the restaurant you choose, but that is almost always a seafood dish: a "Suquet de peix", a black rice, cod ...

Do you feel like it?

Video: Restaurant a Palafrugell, 2014 (February 2020).