Aerogarden, plant tomatoes in the lounge

A few months ago I was talking about urban gardens and the benefits of growing vegetables at home, both from a gastronomic point of view and from personal fulfillment. Today I want to talk about Aerogardenwhich is the first smart home garden and that also does not require a large space.

It occupies little more than one pot and must be connected to the power grid. Cherry tomatoes, aromatic herbs and lettuce and salad plants can be grown on it and do not need pesticides or polluting fertilizers. The plants grow without getting dirty and the seeds come in pre-seeded capsules that guarantee their germination in less than a day.

Aerogarden usa technology created by NASA and it has an automatic system that lets you know when you have to add fertilizers or water. In addition, this same device turns on and off the bulbs, which simulate the effect of sunlight. I put it on my wish list to see if the wise men listen to me.