Now it's up to Santamaría to answer the chefs

Yes, it must be because we are with Roland Garros, or because people like to play tennis on the Wii. Whatever it is, now it's up to Santamaría to return the ball with an official statement to the Eurotoques note.

So that I am not branded as a partisan, although those who follow the blog know that I foot slightly limping, I put the full statement from Santamaría. Will it be game, set and match? It gives the impression that we have a party for a while.

"Sant Celoni, May 26, 2008

Dear citizens,

The reactions to the words that I pronounced in the delivery of the 2008 Prize today have constituted a true media avalanche, long before anyone could have read the work for which I received the award, The naked kitchen. Intentions have been issued and insults have proliferated to which I understand that I can only and must respond with the book and the document attached.

The nude kitchen is in favor of the quality of our fresh foods and asks, among many other things, why certain kitchens, such as molecular or techno-emotional, that use food additives produced by the chemical industry are rewarded. It should not surprise anyone who, in the exercise of freedom of expression, disagrees with such culinary proposals, especially when common causes are made with certain institutions.

When the food industry is required by law to inform the consumer of the ingredients and, especially, the additives that contain their products despite being all authorized by our legislation - is it excessive to defend the right to the public to receive At least the information about the additives that are used in the dishes of some restaurants? How can we legitimize the natural food and the Mediterranean diet from the haute cuisine if we use food additives such as large industry or fast-food chains?

Frontline chefs have a great responsibility as trainers of tomorrow's professionals who practice in our kitchens or who follow our culinary example. We should not forget that through our image we have become referents of food.

Sometimes I think to swim against the tide in certain professional and society spheres, but in the opinions expressed against me these days, I have not heard solid arguments, while some pens and voices of independent journalism have joined in defense of my opinions , which shows that I am not alone at all. On the contrary, I perceive in Spanish society and in large sectors of my trade a vigorous clamor for a natural, tasty, healthy, sustainable and supportive diet. Who could refuse to defend it? From the pages of The naked kitchen, advocates for society to recover cuisine as a cultural value and for culinary freedom with values ​​and responsibilities.

I thank all and all of your opinions and commitment to a better world.

Thank you

Santi Santamaria Cook "