The traffic light of food

Scientists of the Glasgow University have developed an innovative method to treat the childhood obesity. According to the study published in the prestigious magazine Pediatrics, the team led by the teacher John reilly has achieved great success in this field acting in the field of behavior modification insane of the families, worrying more in changing the habits of life of these children that of a strict control of the weight like primordial and isolated factor. He Food traffic light is one of its keys.

This team has shown that their system of habit modification, reducing sedentary hours to a maximum of two hours a day of tv and computer, increasing physical activity, it is much better and more effective in the long term than other programs carried out for the control of childhood obesity of public health. To change these habits, behavior modification techniques have been used, motivating families to change their lifestyle.

The success of these programs is in the fact that they are very well accepted by children and their families. Changes in life habits are made at the family level, so that children do not “fight” alone to solve their problem. There are no magic solutions, but measures as simple and creative as labeling food colors, the technique of traffic light, help to effectively correct bad eating habits. So, for example, the Red Label They take it with food that should only be taken on exceptional occasions, since they are the most caloric and harmful. Others, with yellow tag can be consumed occasionally, and those of green tag They can be consumed without restrictions.

Good news for a country, Scotland, with a high percentage of obese children, around 10% when they arrive at primary school, and 20% when they leave. This system may be extrapolated to other countries.

Video: Dining by Traffic Light: Green Is for Go, Red Is for Stop (February 2020).