Chocolatiere, the electric chocolate maker

One of the Kings gifts what more illusion has done to my daughter is this electric chocolate maker.

With it you can melt the chocolate without the need to use fire which makes it ideal for children to start making their first steps in the kitchen without taking unnecessary risks.

In addition to this, the Chocolatiere has as accessories a wide range of molds and all the necessary tools to make chocolate figurines: hearts, firs, bears, stars, chocolates ...

Although it is perfect for children from 8 to 40 years, it can also be useful for those over the age to prepare any chocolate making without having to worry about lighting the fire and monitoring the temperature: this utensil keeps the constant temperature of our Chocolate, ready to work.

You can easily find it on the net for about 20-25 euros.

We have already tried it at home and I assure you that my daughter was not the only one who enjoyed the sweet afternoon of cooking ...

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