Microwave fried eggs

Fried eggs are one of the star dishes of Spanish cuisine, few are those who do not enjoy them, but there are not so few who can not enjoy eating them for health problems.

For them, and adoptable for anyone who wants to enjoy some "fried eggs" in a healthier version, we have read in the blog Low in Calories, how to make them. Naturally, we have already tried it, and the result is not bad.

We found it great especially to make some "fried eggs" in less than a minute and without getting dirty more than the bowl in which to taste them, in addition, eating less fat. It is very simple to do, just smear a small bowl lightly with a few drops of olive oil and a few drops of water, shell the egg, insert it inside and season it to taste.

In about 40 seconds at maximum power they are ready, but if you want the yolk a little more done, leave them a few more seconds. Then gain in flavor if you water with a little raw olive oil.

Try it, it sure surprises you.