Walk through the cuisine of the network: delicious recipes for baking in the fall

Now yes, autumn has made an appearance - or is in it - and little by little it is becoming noticeable in all regions. At least the days are getting shorter and with the fall of the sun, when we are still late ahead, we feel like turning on the oven again. In our Walk around the cuisine of the network Today we will celebrate the season with recipes for baking with pleasure.

A cake, some cookies, muffins or muffins; They are Whims to share these days when you already feel like staying at home or invite friends and family to have a good time while the first freezing winds blow. And those who suffer autumnal asthenia Surely the sweet aroma that will flood the house with any of these recipes will be like a comforting balm.

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Cakes, muffins and muffins

Asopaipas almond cake

To José Manel from Asopaipas You have to follow him if you like conventual pastry, as is my case. Its last recipe, perfect for this time, is the almond cake, one of those lifelong sweets that with few ingredients transports you to paradise, based on almonds, eggs, lemon and cinnamon. It does not carry more flour than the dried fruit, so it is also suitable for coeliacs.

Also flavored with yesteryear sure are the pumpkin cakes of Cooking among olive trees, which remind me a bit of the mostachones but with the prominence of the autumn queen - or one of her queens. I love pumpkin pastry, so these cakes have also pointed them on the list of earrings.

Cooking pumpkin cakes among olive trees

And if we talk about pastry for a lifetime, you can not miss the muffins. It must be said that the sweet tooth we want all year round, but since citrus fruits are one of the best flavors for this dough, now the good season for baking begins. In chocolate virutillas We have a classic recipe, orange muffins made with sunflower oil.

I defend layer and sword that muffins are neither cupcakes nor muffins, and that is why I also liked cinnamon muffins and berries Cuca's sweet secrets. With wholemeal flour, honey, a good amount of red fruits and the autumn aroma of cinnamon, they look delicious to snack or start with more desire a cold day at breakfast.

More tempting reasons to turn on the oven this fall

Breatzel of Thousand ideas Thousand projects

We are going to raise the difficulty a bit with the great recipe for bretzel rolls in Thermomix that has been marked Sofia de A thousand ideas, a thousand projects, on the occasion of Oktoberfest that is celebrated in Munich at this time. A delicious dough that we can also prepare by hand to accompany everything that comes to mind.

It also requires a little work and dedication the Knäckerbröd or crusty Swedish bread of Bake-street, that many of you will know about stores like Ikea, a type of dough that is also very popular in Germanic countries. I love these breads and I have to cheer up with them, because as Eva says, it is perfect for any time of the day.

Bolognese Clamp of Culinary Poetry

We now turn to a sweet Italian who did not know and has caught my attention, the Bolognese clamp of Culinary Poetry. Nati explains that it is a kind of cookie traditionally filled with the Mostarda alla Bolognese, something like a compote or jam filled with fruits and spices.

Another cookie, international and stuffed, is the Hamantaschen, a candy of Jewish tradition with a triangular shape very typical at special parties. In Gluten free desires We have a version suitable for Hamantaschen coeliacs stuffed with nuts, also very autumnal.

Tarantella or apple pudding from The Sweet Palate

We say goodbye with two recipes that pay homage to the two most characteristic products of autumnal pastry. I said before that the pumpkin was the great queen, although it actually shares a podium with the apple. That's why I liked the tarantella or apple pudding, an Argentine dessert taught by Adela de The sweet palate and that seems ideal to vary the typical biscuits and cakes that we make with this fruit.

Pumpkin, coconut and walnut Bundt cake from Patricia Valdivielso's recipe

Finally, a beautiful and very appetizing Bundt cake with pumpkin, coconut and nuts, baked with love in Patricia Valdivielso's recipe Remembering your dog. It is full of ingredients that I personally like very much, in addition to the orange cucurbit, and with that delicious aroma of cinnamon. Ideal for a rainy autumn afternoon and something melancholic.

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We say goodbye today for the culinary blogosphere, but we will return next week with a new Walk around the cuisine of the network. Who knows if the atmosphere of the witches and the walking dead will begin to be noticed ... or maybe we will opt more for the more traditional sweets? We will check it soon!

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