Global Warming Diet, Global Warming Diet

If we have to talk about new diets, we must name one that we have known recently, this is the Global Warming Diet or Global Warming Diet. This new diet is born as a result of the concern to preserve the environment.

Its doctrine is simple, enjoy as much as possible of the food found in the region, the reason is simple, food transport, less handling and lower energy expenditure will be avoided. All these points are associated with the emission of the gases that cause the greenhouse effect. The proposed formula is not very adaptable to the existing social model, they indicate that it would be interesting for everyone to grow their own seasonal food in a small garden. The offer is interesting, tempting and healthy, but for those who live in the cities it will be somewhat complicated, in rural areas the possibility is greatly expanded.

The new diet fruit of Laura Stec and Eugene Cordero Ph.D is not yet available and indicate that by the end of this year they will provide all the clues about it in a book entitled The Global Warming Diet, Cool Recipes For a Hot Planet.

Video: The diet that helps fight climate change (February 2020).