Walk through the gastronomy of the network: original ideas and traditional dishes to enjoy in autumn

Like every Tuesday, we go through blog posts and cooking websites and recipes to select what catches our attention. In this week, our Walk through the gastronomy of the network, it brings us original ideas and traditional dishes to enjoy in autumn.

Is about revised and modernized classic recipes and original dishes to innovate in our recipe book We share with you so that you incorporate them into your weekly menu and surprise the family by renewing the dishes we always do.

Our tour of the week begins with an original wheat salad with vegetables that we have prepared in Chez Silvia and that is different from the classic rice and similar salads that we usually make to take in tupper at work.

We continue with a recipe from David for Madrid, a blog dedicated to restaurants that occasionally marks a recipe like this from hummus express that will come in handy to start pecking any gathering of friends or family.

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From the hand of Celeste's blog, we learn to prepare these pear cannelloni stuffed with cheese on a bed of pesto, a dish full of flavors and contrasts that you will surely want to prepare one of these days.

I love potato dishes, especially when they turn into stews and stews or have that traditional touch of popular cuisine. So, I really enjoyed the Rioja potato recipe from Zámpatelmundo, sweet and tender, as with the marmitako de bonito from the blog Decuina.

As easy and simple as it may seem, preparing a breaded chicken requires dedication if you want to obtain an exceptional result, crispy and juicy at the same time. With a great step by step, Ana de Cooking with Olives, gives us the keys to make the perfect breaded chicken.

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We continue with main course recipes, such as this chicken to the huntress or chicken stew with pumpkin and mushrooms that we propose Sonia de L'exquisit and that looks very good like everything she prepares.

Desserts and sweet recipes

As for the sweet recipes and desserts, we start with a seasonal recipe, the fig jam that we teach in the blog Cooking at home and that it will come in handy for breakfasts and snacks. Very practical and with many possibilities are the spongy muffins, which you can fill to your liking, which we have found in A unique place, a blog full of appetizing ideas.

The Swedish apple pie is very original for me the Cook of Bétulo, and the mug cake version of the carrot cake we have learned to prepare with The kitchen of Ompa-Lompa

Thus we end our Walk through the gastronomy of the network for this week but I remind you that as always, next Tuesday we will return with this section that both publishers and readers like, as it allows us to discover the creativity of others in the kitchen.

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