Cooking Mama, the video game of cooking recipes

A product result between the fusion of gastronomy and technology appeared in the market a year ago, it is the video game Cooking Mama. A game that is based on the preparation of different recipes, consists of a total of 76 mini-games where users must perform various culinary tasks, such as chopping or cutting a lettuce properly, cracking and frying an egg or controlling cooking times, etc. Some of these games could be classified as absurd as the example shown in the publication 20 Minutes, where a certain dish has to be cooled by blowing through the microphone, although they also provide various ingenious ways to elaborate the recipes of the game in question.

There will be those who enjoy Cooking Mama trying to get the gold medal that the game provides if you manage to pass all the tests perfectly. Anyway, for us it will be better hobby to prepare the recipes in our kitchen and the result can always be savored. On the other hand, you will need notions of Japanese to understand how the game works, since it still has no translation into Spanish.

For a price around 35 euros you can get this curious game.

Video: i followed COOKING MAMA recipes in REAL LIFE (February 2020).