Time of black truffle

The season of The collection of black truffles began in mid-November in Aragon, one of the Spanish provinces where more black truffles are collected. Currently the price of this precious treasure for the kitchen is around 240 euros, although it is expected that in a few days, the kilo of black truffle reaches 600 euros.

This market also suffers from scarcity, once a truffle farmer could find up to 3 or 4 kilos of truffles, nowadays they can be happy if they get ½ kilo of this black gold. The shortage has been caused by the action of man, the lack of rain and animals, especially of wild boars, which in recent years have proliferated in numerous Spanish forests. Of course we are referring to wild truffles, currently most of the truffles found in the market come from plantations. For us, the taste of one or the other does not have a point of comparison, as with wild asparagus that we collect wildly and those that we can buy in the market from plantations. The former, despite having a worse appearance and being thinner, are undoubtedly tastier than the latter, the same goes for the truffle in our opinion.

The black truffle is famous for the flavor and for the intense aroma that it presents and offers to the dishes, its price is significant, but not as much as other products could be. Have you noticed the difference in flavor between plantation and wild truffle?

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