VI International Solar Cooking Conference in Granada

The VI International Solar Cooking Conference is being held in Granada, the event has been organized by the American agency Solar Cookers International, The Terra Foundation and the Science Park of Granada in the City of Congress Palaces.

The conference is attended by 200 people from different countries that are related to solar culinary art. Participants also provide a variety of instruments and utensils suitable for cooking thanks to this energy.

Cooking in this way is an alternative for thousands of people and makes it easier to stop deforestation, especially in developing countries and make the cooking activity healthier. In the wide range of gadgets and devices we can find from a simple aluminized cardboard box to be able to concentrate the sun's rays, to parabolics made with the latest technology that allow temperatures up to 250º C. This type of cooking has many advantages and nothing has that envy the "appliances or solar utensils" to traditional kitchens, well except on cloudy days. In addition, water can even be purified and we already know that in third world countries it is one of the great sources of infection of various diseases.

Next Saturday, the 15th, we can go to the City Science Park to see the exhibition that will allow us to know all kinds of utensils related to solar cooking. If you are in the area and want to make an instructive and constructive visit, it is a good option, we would also ask you to explain a bit about what you have seen in this sample.