Yuca's organic balsamic vinegar

There is a large assortment of balsamic vinegars, in Alimentaria you could taste a lot of them. We have seen a difference with respect to the gastronomic fair of Barcelona Degusta regarding this product, in the latter, there was a great Italian presence of balsamic vinegars, but in Alimentaria the Spanish presence has been much more noticeable.

Yuca's organic balsamic vinegar is undoubtedly one of the good vinegars that we could taste, they explained that this vinegar is made with maximum care, with the most ripe grapes of an ecological nature, chosen for its high sugar content and its aroma. The vinegar rest is done in American and French oak barrels for a long time. In the mouth, it has a point of sweetness and perfect acidity, it is a bit soft unlike the balsamic of Modena which is a little stronger. We have found it ideal to make our vinaigrettes. It is certainly a good vinegar, although it occupies a very small percentage of the Spanish production of organic balsamic vinegars.

In Alimentaria they presented their new packaging, as you can see, elegant and modern. To acquire the Yuca's organic balsamic vinegarWe were informed that it was for sale in some gourmet stores, you can find the points of sale closest to your home through its website.