Sastre Vineyard: Pago Santa Cruz 2001

Today the classic division of wines into young people, aging, reserves and large reserves has expanded. There are payments, wines made from grapes from a certain plot, that is, from a single vineyard. They are wines of great expression and personality, and their elaboration is usually very careful. For this, as for everything, there are levels between which we find large payments and others not so large or, directly, of low quality, but for that there is the consumer.

Today we talk about Pago Santa Cruz 2001, from Viña Sastre winery, a wine that left me pleasantly surprised when I tried it last Saturday. With a fleshy texture and intense color, we have a complex and balanced wine in front, full of regular nuances, among which none especially stands out, which is clean and round.

It has not yet reached the finesse and elegance of other monumental payments that we can savor in our country, but it seems that the Tailors have found the ideal formula for the production of fabulous wines.

The wine in a restaurant is around 50-60 euros, and in store I do not think we will find it for more than 35. A whim a bit expensive, but satisfactory, surprising and above average.

Video: Hablemos de vino: Viña Sastre colección privada 2014 (February 2020).