Heating up motors! Everything is ready for the XXIX Edition of the Iberian Ham Hall of Jerez de los Caballeros

If you are fans of the Iberian ham - can there be someone who does not like it? - you will be interested to know that, from May 3 to 6, it will take place in Jerez de los Caballeros the XXIX Edition of the Ham Hall, an event for fans of such a noble delicacy. In past editions we have had the opportunity to explain what the Ham Hall is like, but this year we anticipate it and that is why we can tell you what it is like to be behind the scenes and see its preparations.

If you have the opportunity to attend this event, you should know that they have prepared a complete program of activities, from tastings to talks, through seminars, musical performances, bumper cars, food booths, product sales and much more. That is, a lot of partying around the Iberian pork ham. From May 3 to 6, the Ham Hall of Jerez de los Caballeros is a perfect destination for all ham fans.

Jerez de los Caballeros, is a Pacense municipality with an exciting history, so if you approach the Hall and take the opportunity to do a little tourism you will enjoy discovering that there are many vestiges of the Roman occupation era, when it was known as Fame Iulia, you will know that the last Templar knights in Spain were slaughtered in its Bloody Tower and you will find out that Vasco Núñez de Balboa was born there, one of our best known conquerors.

I assure you that there is nothing more rewarding than kicking the streets of Jerez, day or night, to find your precious treasures, like the four splendid towers of its main churches, its 13th century wall, whose layout was built in part on the old Arab walls or the Bloody Tower that I have already mentioned.

Eat in Jerez de los Caballeros

There are many restaurants to eat in this town in the province of Badajoz. Among others, you can eat in the restaurant Fame Street, in the restaurant The hermitage or the restaurant Santa Maria, all with great chefs and traditional and modern cuisine.

To everything else add the quality of the earth's ingredients, like the Iberian pig, mushrooms and gurumelos, asparagus, crumbs or their famous dessert, the Turkish bun.

The Ham Room of Jerez de los Caballeros

For this year we expect great assistance from both the public and professionals, who will fill the more than 45 stands where they will exhibit and market the best hams of the D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura, one of the four denominations that produce Iberian ham in our country.

May the event be a success it depends largely on the preparations that have been finalized for a few weeks. You have to prepare the stands for each of the participating companies, in addition to those necessary for those who sell other products, such as cheese, which are placed outside the square enabled for the sale and tasting of ham; you also have to enable the space for tasting, etc. Many preparations!

The Days of cove and ham tasting, which have taken place from April 25 to May 2, are the prelude to the Iberian Ham Hall and about 700 people participate in them, among which we highlight the figure of the professional Pepe Alba cutter. Its objective is to disseminate the extraordinary and incomparable qualities of the star product of the Extremadura meadow: the Iberian acorn-fed ham.

Program of the Iberian Ham Show 2018

The opening of the Hall will be Thursday at seven in the afternoon. On Friday, the technical conferences will take place, which are of various types: for farmers, businessmen and hospitality schools through chefs who explain new ways to use the Iberian. Same friday a showcooking will be carried out by the Hospitality School of Extremadura.

On Friday there is also the collection of the 14 hams for the Golden Ham Contest on Saturday, which this year will also reward the livestock of the pig that won the contest. The President of the Jury, Juanma Salgado, will be one of the Spanish representatives in the Bocuse D'Or. On Sunday at 11:30 in the morning, in the main square, the Golden Knife Contest will be held. Participants must submit a ration of 100 g in the shortest possible time and with the least waste.

You know, if you like Iberian ham and want to spend a fun weekend, tasting delicious Iberian dishes for only ten euros the dish, go to the XXIX Edition of the Ham Hall which will take place in Jerez de los Caballeros, a date that you cannot miss.

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