Homemade pickled chiles, chicken stains and more in Directo al Paladar México

First Monday of the month of August ... and it hardly seems like Monday since half of the people are on vacation. Those of us who do not rest for the moment are the editors of Directo al Paladar who are faithful to our weekly Monday meeting, we bring you the most interesting recipes published by our Mexican colleagues. On this occasion,homemade pickled chili peppers, chicken stains and more in Directo al Paladar México.

Their traditional recipes and their way of understanding gastronomy make Mexican cuisine one of the most recognized in the world So it is a pleasure to collect the best recipes that our friends publish directly to the Palate Mexico so you can learn to prepare them.

We start with an interesting infographic about Quinoa, a pseudocereal considered superfood whose consumption increases every day both in Mexico and in our country. Surely you have already tried it.

We continue with an interesting recipe to learn how to prepare homemade chilli marinade, a recipe considered basic by its author Sweet canella. With these pickled peppers, we can then prepare many recipes and use them in traditional dishes.

These individual caprese style tarts are perfect for the snack or as a snack, as they say over there ...

As a main course, what better than some chicken fajitas with beer ready to fill some corn tortillas, or with traditional bread. These cooked chicken strips, chicken fajitasThey are great to share with friends or family in meetings around the table.

Another good possibility is this Typical Mexican dish with a name that is very peculiar. This is the recipe for chicken manchamanteles, with a delicious and colorful sauce that seems like just looking at the plate.

How third option for main course, we love breaded stuffed chicken milanesa, a video recipe That seduced us from the first glance. Hasn't the same happened to you?

Finally, we are left with this homemade Mexican pizza recipe, also on video, ideal for dinner. The spicy touch of jalapeño seems a success to give pizza that special and unforgettable taste of Mexican cuisine.

Other interesting articles from Direct to the Palate Mexico

In addition to their recipes, our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México have published other interesting news related to the world of gastronomy and food that we also include in this summary of their publications. With them I place you for the Monday that comes with a new delivery of the best of Direct to the Palate Mexico.