Walk around the cuisine of the network. Delicious recipes for snack

We arrived today on the last Tuesday of February, so we have to take a look at the blogosphere for our last Walk around the cuisine of the network of this month. Spring is just around the corner but it seems that the fronts of rain and cold do not want to leave us yet, and I want to spend quiet evenings covered. That's why today I wanted to gather some delicious recipes for snack at home.

Thinking about snack time brings me some nostalgia from when I was a child, because although we often do not have time for that mid-afternoon snack, it is a moment that surely brings us childhood memories. In our walk we have very varied proposals, from the classic muffins to recipes as traditional as custard.

We start with some bakery mass recipes, which usually require a little more work but the results are worth it. For example, fargopatt of Cooking for lola tempts us with some spongy buns of Dresden with yolk prepared in the form of larpeira, very original. In Agurtzane's blog, Custom cakes, we found the rich apple rolls with caramel sauce, while Nenalinda, in Following Nenalinda, teaches us step by step to prepare a traditional recipe, the pork rinds cake.

You can not miss in the snacks a good biscuits, and the spices of spelled and pumpkin of Fabi in Fabsfood They are a temptation. Helena from The Brave Cupcake, takes us to France with aromatic orange madeleines, while with that Sea of My sweet and savory recipes we go to the United States to taste their white chocolate and nut blondies.

If I had to point out my perfect snack, I would surely choose a good piece of cake, the problem is choosing. Churretosa pear and cinnamon cake is very tempting in Chocolate Churretes, like the succulent bundt of sweet potato biscuits from Ivana, in My little kitchen. If we prefer muffins, we have Anita's proposal in Ani's Kitchen, apple and custard, or Olga's fantastic chocolate with orange in Nina's Kitchen.

We finish this sweet walk through options for spoon snacks. Homemade yogurts are delightful, as Maria de Decorecetas with its natural yogurts with vanilla pear jam. For its part, Tere de Terecetario proposes a children's classic, petit suisse de strawberry, and Raquel de Raquel's Kitchen bet on an irresistible classic, custard with cookies.

It is difficult to choose only one among many rich recipes, but surely you already have your favorite. I hope you liked this walk through the network gastronomy and have good ideas for future snacks at home. I say goodbye for this month, but I encourage you to return in a week to know the next ride that will bring us one of my colleagues.

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